The Sonar-Importer generates visualisation data from SonarQube data through an API call to a SonarQube server.

Usage and Parameters

Parameter description
URL url of sonarqube server
PROJECT_ID sonarqube project id
-h, --help Please locate:
- sonar.login=c123d456
That you use to upload your code to sonar.
Then execute [sonarimport
bar -u c123d456]
-m, --metrics=<metrics> comma-separated list of metrics to import
--merge-modules merges modules in multi-module projects
-nc, --not-compressed save uncompressed output File
-o, --output-file=<outputFile> output File
-u, --user-token=<userToken> user token for connecting to remote sonar instance
Usage: ccsh sonarimport [-h] [--merge-modules] [-nc] [-o=<outputFile>]
                        [-u=<userToken>] [-m=<metrics>]... URL PROJECT_ID


ccsh sonarimport <url> <projectKey> --user=<userToken> --output-file=<fileName> --merge-modules=<Boolean>

If you use SonarQube locally, an example command would look like the following:

ccsh sonarimport "http://localhost:9000/" "CodeCharta" "--user=squ_12345" "--output-file=output" "--merge-modules=false"