Tokei Importer

Tokei is a program that computes basic metrics for your code. It supports a large amount of different languages. The metrics provided are:

  • Lines
  • Lines of Code
  • Lines of comments
  • Blank lines

The TokeiImporter lets you import json files generated by Tokei into CodeCharta.

Install Tokei

There are several ways to install Tokei.

On the release posts you can download binaries for Linux and MacOs as well as executables for Windows.

If you want to build it yourself, check the repository directly or this guide:

  1. Make sure you have Rust and the C++ Build Tools of Visual Studio installed.
  2. Build Tokei from source
    $ git clone
    $ cd tokei
    $ cargo build --release
  3. Install tokei with enabled json support cargo install tokei --features json
  4. Add tokei to your PATH variable if necessary

Analyze a Project with Tokei


tokei . --output json > tokei_results.json

in the project’s root folder.

Usage of the Tokei Importer

Parameter description
<FILE> Tokei generated JSON file
-h, --help displays this help and exits
-o, --output-file=<outputFile> output File (or empty for stdout)
-r, --root-name=<rootName> root folder as specified when executing tokei
--path-separator=<pathSeparator> path separator, leave empty for auto-detection UNIX/Windows (default = ‘’)
-nc, --not-compressed don’t compress output to gzip, output JSON instead
Usage: ccsh tokeiimporter [-h] [--path-separator=<pathSeparator>]
                          [-o=<outputFile>] [-r=<rootName>] [-nc]


ccsh tokeiimporter tokei_results.json --path-separator=\\ -o

You can also pipe directly

tokei yourCode -o json | ccsh tokeiimporter -r yourCode