The controls that are available to you are:

# Type Action
1 Settings Load cc.json map or multiple maps (hold shift).
2 Settings Removed! This button no longer exists and has been replaced by the controls Nr. 15 and 16.
3 Settings Export screenshot as a file.
4 Settings Copy the names of files with highest metric values to clipboard.
5 Settings Download model as stl-file for 3D-printing.
6 Settings Switch between showing maps in standard mode or seeing the delta between two maps, provided you have loaded multiple maps.
7 Settings Select the map being shown.
8 Settings Turn on/off presentation mode. Beneficial when using a projector.
9 Settings Global settings like background color map layout, quality and experimental features.
10 Metric Controls The distribution bar shows the distribution of file extensions for a metric.
11 Search/Filter Search for buildings .gitignore style.
12 Search/Filter Hide/exclude the buildings from the search result. Hidden buildings are flattened in the map, excluded buildings are no longer visible. Useful if you have lots of vendor code in your map.
13 Search/Filter Switch between the treeview or see the hidden and excluded buildings. The latter menus can be used to restore these buildings again.
14 Metric Controls Select a scenario, which changes multiple metrics at once.
15 Metric Controls Save, load and manage individual configurations of the selected map.
16 Metric Controls Add the current view of the map as a custom configuration.
17 Metric Controls Use the metric bar to select a metrics per building area, height and color. Click on the arrow to change metric details such as color range. If your map has the right data, you can also display edges between buildings and change the number of previews.
18 Metric Controls Link height and color metric to be the same metric.
19 Navigation Use the Viewcube to quickly change the camera perspective or reset the view by clicking the compass icon.
20 Exploration Explore metrics for each building. Hover over the building to see its name and metric displayed in the metric bar. Click on it to view additional details. If you have imported sonar metrics, buildings can also be double clicked to see sonar details.
21 Exploration The tallest buildings automatically gets a label. You can change that in the height metric details.