Generates visualisation data from SourceMonitor through its CSV export functionality.

Parameter and Usage

Parameters description
FILE sourcemonitor csv files
-h, --help displays help
-o, --outputFile=<outputFile> output File (or empty for stdout)
-nc, --not-compressed uncompresses outputfile to json format, if format of File is gzip


Metric Description
loc Total count of lines in the source code, including lines with whitespace, comments, and actual code.
rloc Count of lines that contain actual code, excluding lines that are only whitespace, comments, or tabulations.
classes The total number of distinct classes defined within the source code.
functions_per_class Average number of functions (or methods) defined within each class.
average_statements_per_function The mean number of statements within each function across the entire codebase.
max_function_mcc The highest McCabe’s cyclomatic complexity found in any single function.
max_block_depth The greatest level of nesting of control structures (like loops or conditionals) within any part of the code.
average_block_depth The average depth of nested control structures across the entire codebase.
average_function_mcc The mean McCabe’s cyclomatic complexity across all functions.
sm_percent_branch_statements The percentage of all statements that are branch statements (e.g., if, else, switch, case).
sm_method_call_statements The count of statements in the code that are method or function calls.
sm_percent_lines_with_comments The percentage of the total lines of code that contain comments.

CSV Import for SourceMonitor

If you have analyzed your projectBuilder with SourceMonitor and exported the metric data (for classes only) to a csv-file, you may call the command

    ccsh sourcemonitorimport [-nc] [-o=<outputFile>] FILE

If the output file is omitted it prints the visualisation data to stdout. Otherwise, it will export to a .gz file.

Note that the output file should end with .cc.json

Currently, SourceMonitorImporter does not support metrics for methods in csv files from SourceMonitor.

Wrapper Script sourcemonImport.bat

If SourceMonitor v3.5 is installed in ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\SourceMonitor’ you may use the wrapper script sourcemonImport.bat to generate and import metrics from SourceMonitor in one step:

sourcemonImport.bat <projectBuilder name> <source code path> <language>

If SourceMonitor is installed in a different directory the script must be changed accordingly.

General CSV Import

You may use the CSVImporter to import general CSV files.


An explicit example with the Open Office Code, can be found here