The CSV importer generates visualisation data from CSV data with header, e.g. from SourceMonitor.

Conventions for csv input:

  • There must be a header.
  • The specified path column name in the header, or if not present the first column with non-empty header, will be interpreted as file location and used as hierarchical information the corresponding node.
  • Columns with empty or duplicate header will be ignored.


Parameters description
FILE sourcemonitor csv files
--path-seperator=<pathSeperator> path seperator (default= ‘/’)
-d, --delimeter=<csvDelimeter> delimeter in csv file
-h, --help displays help
-o, --outputFile=<outputFile> output File (or empty for stdout)
--pathColumnName=<pathColumnName> specify the path column name
-nc, --not-compressed uncompresses outputfile to json format, if format of File is gzip


ccsh csvimport [-nc] [-d=<csvDelimiter>] [-o=<outputFile>] [--path-column-name=<pathColumnName>]
               [--path-separator=<pathSeparator>] FILE