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Users and permissions


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SecObserve supports two types of users:

  • Internally managed users: You need a username and password given by a SecObserve administrator and use the SIGN IN WITH USER button.
  • Users managed in Azure AD: The button SIGN IN WITH MICROSOFT will redirect you to login page of Microsoft.

Users have specified permissions depending on their type and role in a product.

User types

The user type can be set by flags in the user administration:

  • Superusers are the administrators of the system.
  • External users do not belong to the organization, e.g. customers or partners.
  • Internal users are all users who are not superusers or external users.

There are some general permissions based on the user's type:

Internal External Superuser
Create Product Groups X - X
Create Product X - X
View General Rules X X X
Create General Rules - - X
Edit General Rules - - X
Delete General Rules - - X
Access Admin UI - - X

Roles and permissions

Product Members

While superusers have permission to view and edit all data, internal and external users must be a product member with a specific role to access the product and its data. Product members of a product group have access to all products of that group with their respective role.

Reader Writer Maintainer Owner Upload
View Product Group X X X X -
Edit Product Group - - X X -
Delete Product Group - - - X -
View Product X X X X -
Import Observations - X X X X
Edit Product - - X X -
Delete Product - - - X -
View Observation X X X X -
Create Observation - X X X -
Edit Observation 1) - X X X -
Assess Observation - X X X -
Delete Observation - - - X -
View Product Rules X X X X -
Create Product Rules - - X X -
Edit Product Rules - - X X -
Apply Rules to Product - - X X -
Delete Product Rules - - X X -
View API Configuration X X X X -
Create API Configuration - - X X -
Edit API Configuration - - X X -
Delete API Configuration - - X X -
View Product Member X X X X -
Create Product Member - - X 2) X -
Edit Product Member - - X 2) X -
Delete Product Member - - X 2) X -

1) Only manually created observations can be edited

2) Maintainers are not allowed to manipulate Owners of that product