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Source code repositories

Observations can have a source file plus start and end lines as an origin. During the assessment of the observation it is often helpful to view the source code.

Setting the repository in a product

When creating or editing a product, the field Repository prefix can be set. This needs to be the prefix of the URL to show a file in the repository.

  • If the observations of the product have the branch set, then for GitLab it is something like, for GitHub it looks like
  • If the observations don't have the branch set, then a branch need to be at the end of the repository prefix, e.g. or
  • Azure DevOps does not need the branch in the repository prefix, an example is If the observations have a branch set, then this branch will be used in the URL, otherwise the default branch of the repository will be used.

Repository integration

If the Repository prefix is set in the product and the observation has a source file as an origin, then name of the source file will be shown as a link to the source in the repository.

Source file link